Privacy Policy

1.1 ENTRADAS EVENTIM, S.A.U Personal Data Filing System

In accordance with Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th on the Protection of Personal Data (henceforth, “LOPD” for its Spanish initials), we inform you that the personal data submitted by you through the Web Site will form part of ENTRADAS EVENTIM, S.A.U (hereinafter, “ENTRADAS.COM”) personal data filing system. The personal data will be processed in order to provide you with the requested services as well as to keep you informed, even by electronic means, on the updates, products and services of ENTRADAS.COM. In case you wish to stop receiving this kind of communication, send us a written request to our email address at

The submission of the personal data requested by us through our Web Site is essential to ensure an efficient provision of our services. In case all the required data are not submitted by the User, ENTRADAS.COM cannot guarantee proper provision of services to the User or accordingly to his/her needs.

You agree that your personal data may be transferred to the promoter of the event / show for which he has bought you tickets, the sales partners, and the owner of the premises where it is held, in order that they can manage the sale thereof, and so they can I keep you informed, including by electronic means, about events and / or shows, cinema, theater, music, parks, circus and exhibitions that can be offered. If you do not wish to receive such information, you can indicate it at any time by sending an email to:

1.2 Rights of Access, Rectification, Deletion and Opposition

As provided in the LOPD, the User may exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, opposition or deletion of the submitted personal data by sending a written request to ENTRADAS EVENTIM, S.A.U at c/ Serrano Anguita nº 8, 2º 28004-Madrid; or by sending an electronic mail at In both instances, the User must attach a proof of identification such as a passport, National ID card or a valid identification document.

1.3 Minors

Minors aged 14 or less must not submit personal data to ENTRADAS.COM without the authorization of their parents or guardians. In case you are a minor, we ask you to have your parents or guardians to contact us.


Cookies Policy

This Web Site uses third-party cookies and pixels in order to improve our services by analyzing your browser and offering you advertisement related to your preferences. In case you continue using the Web Site, we consider you to have accepted the use of cookies.

For the purposes of this Cookies Policy, “continue using” shall imply clicking on any button, checkbox or link of the Web Site; downloading any content from it or page scrolling.

In order to perform such analyses, aggregated and anonymous statistical data are captured. These data are anonymous connection and clickstream data relating to the browser being used, the number of visits/page impressions and the browsing behaviour of the respective visitor to a Ticketshop website. The shortened IP address of the visitor may also be viewed in the course of data gathering and processing.

The data are analysed for the following purposes, in particular:
– counting the number of visitors
– tracking those areas of the website that are particularly attractive for the respective visitor
– analysing where visitors are from, in order to optimise the services provided
– adapting recommendations to specific target groups

This process sometimes involves the use of permanent "cookies";. By adjusting their browser settings, users are able at any time to block cookies, or to stipulate that cookies may only be set when explicitly accepted by the user. At any time, users can also block the use of their data in general, for all the solutions deployed, by selecting the ‘opt-out option’ presented by the respective solution. If the user opts out, it is possible that specific recommendations can no longer be made, however.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that is stored on your computer when you browse web sites. Among other things, cookies allow web sites to store and retrieve information about your browsing habits or your devices and, depending on the information stored in it and the way you use your devices, recognize the user’s browser.

What type of cookies does this web site use?

This web site uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool of Google Inc. that helps us to understand how the users engage with the web site. Therefore, when you browse through our web site, Google Analytics provide us JavaScript tags (libraries) to record information about the pages you have visited, for example, the URL of the page. The aforementioned libraries use HTTP cookies to “remember” your activities in those pages and interactions with our web site.

We also use the AT Internet cookies that allow us to know how users interact with the content of our web site when they browse through it. Thus we have information such as, for example, what time we have higher sales volume, what days of the week or through which URL most users get to our web site.

At the same time, we use DoubleClick cookies. Also owned by Google, Inc., these cookies provide us with information about the date and time when the visit to the web site occurred, the hardware and software used, search history as well as the IP address of the User. Such cookies help us to improve advertising and are used to target advertising based on what`s relevant to an user, to improve reporting on campaign performance and to avoid showing ads the user has already seen.

On the other hand, we use AppNexus cookies from AppNexus Inc. which allow us to associate non-personally identifiable information about User’s use of browsers and devices.

Also, we use Olark cookies which allow us to identify a guest of the Web Site and record his/her access. At the same time, Olark cookies are used to the tracking of chat sessions and obtain additional information about the chat state among other functions.

Finally, we use New Relic, Inc. cookies to measure the browser. By using the same JavaScript library of Google Analytics and Hi-Media Performance cookies, we are able to broadcast personalized advertisements as well as to collect anonymous statistical data. deploys the following software solutions within the meaning of the above (by clicking the respective provider below, the user will be redirected to the opt out option)

You can find further information on Google Analytics cookies here

You can find further information on AT Internet cookies here

You can find further information on AppNexus cookies here

You can find further information on Olark cookies here

You can find further information on New Relic cookies here

What is a pixel?

Pixels are objects included in web pages and e-mail messages that are used to track users’ specific actions.

What type of pixels does this web site use?

OwnerPurpose / Use
AdrollTracking the pages where the user navigates and the purchases made through the tool.
JetloreTracking the pages where the user navigates and the purchases made through the tool.
Facebook AdsDisplay when a user make a purchase through the tool
GoogleDisplay the products in which the user clicks, the moment he starts and finishes the purchase and tracking of the purchases made by the user.
OutbrainDisplay the time when a user makes a purchase through this tool


How can I disable or delete cookies and pixels used in this web site?

  1. If you do not want your data collected with Google Analytics, you can install opt-out browser add-on. For further information, click here.
  2. If you do not want your data stored with Hi-Media Performance, you can delete its cookie here.
  3. You can enable, prevent or delete cookies from being created on your device by adjusting your cookies and, in turn, pixels from being created on your device by adjusting your browser settings:

    To get more information on Internet Explorer, click here.
    To get more information on Google Chrome, click here.
    To get more information on Opera, click here.
    To get more information on Mozilla Firefox, click here.
    To get more information on Safari, click here.

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