Top customer enquiries


1. How does shopping using work?

Thank you for your interest in our offers. You will see that shopping with us is simple and convenient.

After selecting the tickets, put them in the virtual shopping cart. Collect all the articles that you want to order here. When you have completed your selection, provide us with your data: your name and address, the delivery address and details of your account or credit card. After you have been shown all of the items in your order again, send your order by clicking on "Pay".

Then you can see on the screen how your order is passed to us and the tickets are bindingly booked. Then you will receive a link to your online receipt. Click on this link and you can see the receipt for your order. Here you can also find the order number for your order, which you will need to quote in the case of any queries.

If you are unsure if your order was successful, you can view your orders at any time.

At the right of our homepage, you can find the area "My EVENTIM" where you can easily login with your personal login details.


2. How can I find out about the status of my order?

Under "My EVENTIM" you have the opportunity to find out about the current processing status of your orders. You can find the login box for "My EVENTIM" at the right of our home page. After you have logged in using your user name and password, go to "Order history / Your orders". If you click on this, you can see your orders and their current processing status:

• Orders with the status "Received" have been successfully received by us and will be processed as quickly as possible.
• Orders with the status "Being processed" are being processed and will be shipped to you as quickly as possible.
• Orders with the status "Shipped" have already been shipped to you.
• Orders with the status "Cancelled" were unfortunately not successfully received by us and will not be processed.
Click on the order number to display full details of your order, the delivery process and billing addresses.
Please also check if you have received an order confirmation email (sending can take up to an hour).


3. What are the possible methods of payment?

For tickets purchased at, we accept payments with credit cards of the following brands: VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club and Discover.


4. What is the TicketDirect delivery method?

TicketDirect is an EVENTIM electronic ticket for printing at home. When you choose to order using TicketDirect you can open and print your tickets as soon as you have completed your order. You can also retrieve your TicketDirect order through My EVENTIM and reprint it if necessary.

Please note: these tickets carry a barcode that can only be used once at the venue, the first ticket to enter the venue will be valid, if they are duplicated then further copies will not be admitted to the event.

With Apple Wallet you can download your tickets directly to your mobile phone. If you would like to receive your tickets via Apple Wallet, you can download them on the confirmation page after you completed the order process. At the entrance of the event, you are able to present the downloaded tickets on your mobilephone for ticket validation.


5. How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter?

To subscribe/unsubscribe to one or more newsletters, please login using your user name and password that you selected for registration. The login box is located in the right-hand navigation on the homepage.

If you are not yet registered for "My EVENTIM", go to the homepage to the "Register" link in the "My EVENTIM" box in the right-hand navigation.

From here, you will be guided through the registration process and can subscribe or unsubscribe to individual newsletters by activating the checkboxes in the relevant newsletter boxes.

Under the menu option "Newsletter & Ticket Alarm", you can view your current newsletter subscriptions and can subscribe or unsubscribe to individual newsletters by activating/deactivating the checkbox in the relevant newsletter box.


6. Has my booked event been canceled / postponed?

As we are solely a presale outlet for entrance tickets, we have no influence on the cancellation or postponement of events. We will make every effort to inform our customers immediately by e-mail of any changes reported to us by the promoters.


7. I want to buy tickets for a group (11 people or more). How can I proceed?

To buy tickets for groups of 11 people or more, please contact our Corporate Clients & Group Sales Service under We are happy to assist you with the planning and booking.


8. What functions and benefits does "My EVENTIM" offer me?

The “My EVENTIM” section is your personal page on EVENTIM. To enjoy all of the features offered, you need to click on the 'Login' link at the right hand side of our homepage.

You can check the status of your orders, change your personal data for future orders and in just a couple of clicks sign up to receive one or more newsletters and can, of course, unsubscribe at any time or change your profile.

This way you'll always know what's happening in your area and when your favorite artists are finally back on tour.

You can also change your password and address data.


9. How do I contact Customer Services?

If you have any queries and none of the FAQ can help, contact us and we will be happy to assist. Fill out our contact form. Please remember to complete every field, as more information you provide, the faster and more efficient our response will be.